Turn great ideas into even greater virtual presentations

Craft rich 3D visualizations, and deal-closing product demonstrations with JigSpace.
Viewing 3D model in JigSpace on mobile device.
View on AR
View in 3D
A Jig with 4 steps.

Tell a product story, step-by-step

Capture your team’s imagination and tell an inspiring product story by making your presentations interactive with JigSpace.

Our easy-to-use 3D app lets you animate, highlight, and even narrate your virtual demonstrations so customers can enjoy a guided tour of your products.
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Import your own CAD

Import files created in SolidWorks®, Fusion 360™️, Inventor️, Creo, Blender, Shapr3d, and more.

Bring your designs to life in moments

Access an extensive library of 3D objects and effects.


Add steps and text to create a guided virtual demonstration.

Sharing Jig with team.

Sharing and embedding. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Embed Jigs into your website, or generate a unique link or QR code inviting customers to view your 3D models from anywhere. Our simple AR software enables people from all walks of life to view your products inside, outside, and all the way around.
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View anywhere, any time

View Jigs on any device from anywhere in the world.

Embed 3D objects

Embed Jigs into your website to create a unique online experience.

Share your Jigs with ease

Generate a unique link or QR code that can be shared via email, text, or even social media.

Collaborating on a Jig with the team.

Team collaboration

Empower teams to work collaboratively from the office, on the move, and from anywhere in the world.

Permission-management, and the centralized library in the JigSpace app enables teams to access, review, and edit Jigs, no matter where they are.
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Built for teams

Create and share content across your organization to unlock silos and keep everyone on the same page.

Shared 3D model library

Save time by only having to prepare CAD files once. Teams can re-use them in as many Jigs as they like.

Security and privacy

Your data is fully encrypted and protected so you can upload your CAD with confidence.

A red 4 wheel drive model Jig.

Bring your ideas into the next dimension

Turn complicated concepts into bite-sized packages of information that everyone can understand. JigSpace transforms the way you share information so you can create a team of product experts throughout every layer of your organization.

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