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Share your Jigs via QR code, hyperlink, or embed them into your online systems - your JigSpace 3D content can be accessed anywhere, anytime by everyone with a web connected device.
Training and L&D
Support and knowledge bases
Sales and Marketing
A webpage provides online test.
Zendesk post page
A product webpage.
Viewing Jig embed on webpage, Jig viewer can be embed to different  platforms.

Viewable on any device

Your viewers will be able to see your Jig in its 3D presentation on any online device regardless if they’re on iPhone, Android, mobile, desktop, or tablet. No need to download an app or any software.
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Examples of online systems where Jigs can be embedded.
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Integrates with your existing workflow

Integrate JigSpace with your existing workflow tools. Embed your Jig inside your existing online systems to enrich your content and reach your audience in meaningful, easy to use and delightfully unique ways. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video.
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Embed once,
update freely

Your company is always innovating, which is why embedding your 3D content is rarely the end of the story.

JigSpace saves you time by eliminating the need to re-embed content every time there’s a product update, spec change, or modification. Once your Jig is embedded, you can continue to update it without changing any code.

Jigs are instantly updated in the cloud when saved, enabling designers and knowledge experts to manage content without relying on web development teams.
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Brand your Jigs

Make sure your audience keeps you front of mind. Make your Jigs look like they come from your business and not from JigSpace by customizing the branding of your Jigs. Within the Starter or Organization plans, you’ll have branding control.
Organization plan viewer.
Team plan viewer.

For corporate websites or agencies.

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For small businesses and solo power users.

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Learn more about these plans or book a demo with our friendly JigSpace expert to walk you through how the WebAR customization could work for your business.

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