Pitch your pre-production product and raise funding with 3D presentations

Companies with high-tech physical products use JigSpace to raise funding and help investors visualize how their technology works in 3D and augmented reality.
Image shows how Jig can be useful for sales.

Used by innovators

Show the high-tech behind your product

When it comes to high-tech products, seeing is believing. 3D presentations let you show what makes your product and technology unique before going into production.

Say goodbye to static CAD drawings

Add animations, flow effects and interactive elements to help investors and early customers visualize novel designs or innovative hardware technology.

Pace your pitch, step-by-step

Walk your audience through your product at a step-by-step pace to highlight key physical features or hardware design while maintaining your presentation narrative.

Just like a pitch deck, steps make it easy to go back and forth to address questions and dive deeper into a topic supported by your 3D content.
Jig is 3D PowerPoint. Essential tool if you want to pitch anything physical. It’s even more important because investors can struggle to visualize new technology.”
Hon Weng, CEO, Cortical Labs
Hon Weng
Cortical Labs
We show JigSpace to every single investor and we’ve raised so much money because they see it in front of their face without us having to spend thousands making the design prototype.”
Huayi Gao, CTO,  VCycene
Huayi Gao
JigSpace has been the perfect tool to help donors visualize exactly what our vision and product is, so it’s helped us secure the funding we needed to start manufacturing.”
Matt Kovaleski, Founder, Hope Factory Production
Matt Kovaleski
Hope Factory Production

Create pitch ready presentations in minutes

Don't spend weeks waiting for outsourced marketing videos and renders of your product.
No-code editing means you can use your CAD files to create 3D presentations in minutes not weeks.
Major CAD file types example.
Click and drag to start
Easily build presentations with the ability to import products in all major CAD file types, including STEP, FBX, OBJ, and STL.
Presenting Jet Engine Jig in online meeting.
Fast iterations
Update presentations in minutes with QR codes and links that update as you make changes.
Hino Truck Jig presented in different devices.
Create once, view anywhere
Create your presentation once and its automatically viewable, without an app, on any iOS, Android or desktop device.
“People pay thousands of dollars and wait weeks to make 3D animations and we make it for a couple hundred bucks per month and within minutes using JigSpace.”
Huayi Gao, CTO,  VCycene
Huayi Gao

Maintain confidentiality with secure sharing

Create and share your 3D presentations with confidence with our SOC 2 compliant privacy infrastructure, protecting your data at rest and in transit. Tooling built from the ground up to ensure your confidentiality policies are maintained.

Password protection

Give the right people access to product assets & information with password protected presentations & asset libraries.

Single sign-on

Enhance security by reducing password fatigue, minimizing phishing opportunities and centralizing access control.

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