Struggling to explain your technical products to customers?

Bridge technical knowledge gaps and shorten sales cycles with 3D presentations.
Companies like Medtronic, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Panasonic use JigSpace to sell technical products faster.

Used by innovators

Bridge the technical knowledge gap

For customers that aren't technical, 3D presentations give them the visual context and support they need to understand your product.
Jet Engine skeleton sketch.

Where 2D images suffer, 3D presentations shine

Add animations, flow effects and interactive elements to bring your product to life and help it click in your customer's mind.
Jet Engine skeleton sketch.

Your product in your customers context

Show your customers exactly how your product fits into their lab, factory or worksite with augmented reality presentations that work everywhere.
JigSpace collateral for our midline quickly bubbled up to one of the top pieces of collateral that was being accessed by the sales reps.”
Application Engineer
JigSpace makes not only a visual impact but also the movement. Doing something where you stand up and look at it helps it click in a different way.”
Digital Media Architect
JigSpace collateral for our midline quickly bubbled up to one of the top pieces of collateral that was being accessed by the sales reps.”
Distinguished Engineer

Compelling collateral in hours not weeks

Stop waiting weeks for marketing and design teams to create sales collateral for your products. No-code editing means you can use your CAD files to create presentations in hours not weeks.
Major CAD file types example.
Click and drag to start
Easily build presentations with the ability to import products in all major CAD file types, including OBJ, FBX, STEP, and STL.
Presenting Jet Engine Jig in online meeting.
Iterate instantly on feedback
Update presentations based on customer requirements in minutes with tools to customise annotations, animations, audio, video and more.
Hino Truck Jig presented in different devices.
Create once, view anywhere
Share collateral your sales team will love with website embed, via link or QR code.
“JigSpace really works for big, long sales cycle - projects that are complex just in their nature because it allows you to iterate really quickly and really swiftly without much upfront cost.”
Business Development

Maintain confidentiality with secure sharing

Create and share your 3D presentations with confidence with our SOC 2 compliant privacy infrastructure, protecting your data at rest and in transit. Tooling built from the ground up to ensure your confidentiality policies are maintained.

Password protection

Give the right people access to product assets & information with password protected presentations & asset libraries.

Single sign-on

Enhance security by reducing password fatigue, minimizing phishing opportunities and centralizing access control.

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