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JigSpace lets you create and share stunning augmented reality presentations. For schools, businesses, and everyone in-between.

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Easily create 3D presentations with Jig Pro, from simple household items to jet turbines (pictured).

The Future

Say hello to Jigs

When you ask yourself, "how does that work? What's it made of? How do I fix it?" - the answer should be immediately available, on the device you have with you. Pearls of interactive 3D knowledge in augmented reality

We call them Jigs.

Learn how to make, fix, create and present anything in 3D. Built for augmented reality.

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Use Cases

Jigs are for everyone

From education, to enterprises, to 3D hobbyists, seamlessly collaborating and sharing 3D presentations is a game changer.

Create compelling and immersive learning experiences in minutes

Design & prototype

Speed up decisions with real time editing and presenting in 3D

Sales & marketing

Demonstrate complex products with stunning augmented reality


Improve remote learning outcomes with engaging technical content

Or anything!

It doesn't have to be useful, but it'll always be fun!

The App

JigSpace: the place to discover, create, and share 3D knowledge.

A world of 3D knowledge at your fingertips

A world of 3D knowledge at your fingertips

Built from the ground up for intuitive, fast iterations on iPad, iPhone, and desktop, JigSpace is nothing like the complicated 3D software you're used to.

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Make your fisrt Jig in under 3 minutes

Make your first Jig in under 3 minutes

Upload your existing 3D files or browse our free in-app model and asset library, add a few steps, then share! Make your presentations more immersive and interactive with rich 3D materials, custom textures, backgrounds, videos and sound.

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Jig Pro

Your Pro needs covered

Jig Pro subscribers enjoy added functionality to speed up productivity. Scale your 3D knowledge across a range of departments from product marketing, training programs, technical documentation, and rapid prototyping.
CAD file import
CAD file import

Import SolidWorks CAD files, .STP, .STL, or .OBJ of up to 300Mb.

Private 3D asset library
Private 3D asset library

A central place to host and manage all of your team's 3D assets.

Desktop App
Desktop app

The same features you love, plus more, all from the comfort of your desktop computer.

Custom branding
Custom branding

Customize the Jig app with your logo and colors to align with your branding.

Team management
Team management

Control who can manage, view, and edit your content.

Offline mode
Offline mode

Download Jigs to your mobile devices to access in remote locations or internet dead-zones.

5 Stars

"JigSpace has allowed us to deliver the most cost-effective health outcomes we can, and rapidly expand the number of recipients that we were able to train. It's at the centre of all our training packages, everywhere we operate.”

Eric Peck, CEO, Swoop Aero

5 Stars

"Using this innovative AR platform enables us to showcase our products to our customer base anywhere in the world, eliminating costly product transport costs of the past. We see JigSpace as an integral partner to achieve our goals, the versatility of JigSpace meets a number of our future aspirations."

Mike King, General Manager, Triangle Waterquip

5 Stars

"Using JigSpace as part of our lean manufacturing development efforts has enabled Medtronic to create and test solutions in a matter of hours versus weeks."

William Harding, Distinguished Technical Fellow, Medtronic


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Make your fisrt Jig in under 3 minutes

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Make your fisrt Jig in under 3 minutes

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Make your fisrt Jig in under 3 minutes

NEW: 3D Object Capture. Easily create 3D models from images. 

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