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JigSpace is a 3D knowledge-sharing platform, and the easiest way to visualize your ideas, products, and processes in 3D and augmented reality.
Viewing 3D Jet Engine Jig on mobile device
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Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

By using JigSpace we can show just how incredible our 2022 car is and give all F1 fans an intuitive, engaging AR experience that simply wasn’t possible before.


We use JigSpace to explain features of our new technology to customers. We love to use Jigs - it makes everything so much easier, and you can be sure that everyone is on the same page.

Boldly XR

JigSpace offers the perfect middle ground for a lot of our AR projects. Agencies that work with AR know that it’s a challenge to create accessible, affordable interactive webAR, JigSpace has it all.

Alfa Romeo F1 car viewed in Augmented Reality, using JigSpace.

JigSpace - Official Partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake

Creating an intuitive, engaging AR experience for the F1 fans. Get up close and experience Alfa Romeo's 2023 F1 car, C43 in augmented reality.
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A robot arm jig displaying in web browser, along with a comment "We love the design".

What is JigSpace?

Empowering collaboration and product education throughout your organization, and beyond, JigSpace is the 3D and AR knowledge-sharing platform that transforms the way you work.

Craft compelling stories and interactive demonstrations that make technical information easy to understand. These demonstrations can be viewed in a real world setting using augmented reality - no app required. No CAD software, no coding, no worries!
A Jig with 4 steps.

Introducing Jigs

The simplest way to demonstrate complicated ideas, our demonstration app uses interactive 3D model presentations – known as Jigs – that are perfect for product visualization, design, marketing, training, and more.

Jigs can be shared privately or publicly - anyone can access your Jigs on any device without the need of the JigSpace app. They can even choose to view them in AR, making AR with JigSpace truly universal.
Create your first Jig

Anyone. Anywhere. No coding required.

Viewing 3D model in JigSpace on mobile device.
View and interact with hair drier Jig in JigSpace on tablet
Edit aeroplane Jig on tablet
View Hino truck Jig on laptop
View 3D modal in JigSpace on tablet
Engineering and manufacturing

Turn innovative designs into simple AR demonstrations.

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Design and prototyping

Bring complex products to life in minutes, not months.

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Create interactive presentions that invite customers to explore your products.

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Showcase your products remotely with 3D presentations.

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Create memorable, interactive training experiences in AR.

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Spend less time fiddling with complicated 3D programs, and more time bringing your vision to life with JigSpace.

Simplify complex knowledge with 3D presentations

From small businesses to global enterprises, JigSpace empowers teams to collaborate and share information like never before.

Simplify complex ideas into a visual language that everyone understands. There’s no technical expertise required to master our AR app and share information across your organization.
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Easily create a Jig in under 5 minutes

Upload your CAD files to JigSpace, or browse our extensive object library. Add motion, effects, colors, textures, and sound to breathe life into your creations when viewed through the AR app.

Once you’re done, simply share your 3D presentation with the team, or generate a link or QR code inviting customers to view your products from every angle.
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How Boldly-XR used Jigs to demonstrate the unique design of VanMoof’s e-bikes, generating interest amongst retailers while enhancing sales demos.

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Scaling a network of tiny home villages with JigSpace

How Hope Factory Production harnessed the power of JigSpace to train volunteers and demonstrate how tiny home villages could help combat homelessness.

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Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen C42 in Augmented Reality

Learn how JigSpace helped Alfa Romeo F1 Team to launch the C42 directly into the hands of their fans.

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