3D presentations made easy

JigSpace is a simple 3D presentation maker that enables you to create step-by-step product stories and interactive 3D guides without a single line of code.
Design and prototype
sales presentation using 3D presentation on screen
design prototype using jigspace spatial app in mixed reality on apple vision pro
Medical device being pulled apart by hands in augmented reality with jigspace for apple vision pro
Jet engine Jig with step-by-step instruction.

Step up your 3D presentations, and stand out in AR

Take viewers on a guided product tour in a familiar, step-by-step format. JigSpace lets you highlight key information while leading viewers through complicated processes, or revealing the inner workings of complex designs using animated exploded views.

Just like watching a slideshow, viewers can proceed at their own pace. Alternatively, you can set content to autoplay so users can follow along with your instructions.
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Medical Device in Augmented Reality on JigSpace iPad App

Immersive instructions, real-world applications

2D guides and manuals can leave a lot to the imagination, often leading to confusion.

JigSpace helps viewers visualize products and processes at-scale, and in a real world setting. The simple, drag-and-drop interface lets you add, remove, and rearrange steps in moments, while further enriching your content with interactive labels, text, and audio instructions.
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Works instantly on any device, anywhere

Anyone can see your products in augmented reality with no app required. Embed a Jig directly into your website, or share the link via email or QR code. It's the quickest and easiest way to share your product in AR.
Jet Engine Jig presented in different devices.