JigSpace for Apple Vision Pro

Bring spatial computing to your business.
A jet engine in augmented reality on JigSpace for apple vision pro being resized by two hands

Supercharge training with interactive spatial content

Enhance training with interactive spatial experiences. Engage trainees by letting them dissect and annotate objects, and intuitively navigate by tapping and looking. Measure and optimize content with built in analytics.

Make 3D presentations for Apple Vision Pro
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Unforgettable 3D product demonstrations

Power your sales demonstrations and
close more deals with immersive spatial presentations
that is memorable, easy to create, and drive ROI.

Any device, anywhere

Example of sample 3D presentations on JigSpace app for Apple Vision Pro

Spatial presentations, wherever you go

As your presentations are created and edited, changes are instantly viewable anywhere in the world, on any device. From iOS, to Android, to web browsers on PCs.. to the new Apple Vision Pro. Your spatial presentations can go wherever your business needs.
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Solar power kit Jig presented in different devices.

Works instantly on any device, anywhere

Jigs go to a whole new level on Apple Vision Pro, but they also work on all devices–no app required. Embed a Jig directly into your website, or share the link via email or QR code. It's the quickest and easiest way to share your product in spatial, 3D, or augmented reality.
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Pull apart objects

Explore and visualize assembly components to give viewers a sense of scale, complexity, and unmatched understanding of your 3D content. Trainees and students learn better by interacting directly with spatial content like complex machines, biology, or technology.

Learn more about pulling apart objects.
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Markup and annotate

Utilize real-time markup and annotations with your hands while viewing JigSpace spatial presentations for clearer communication, fast problem-solving, and better engagement with complex visualizations.
A jet engine in augmented reality on JigSpace for apple vision pro being resized by two hands

Use your hands

Manipulate, move, resize, and rotate your spatial content, just like in the real world. Stay immersed and focused by navigating between the steps of your presentation with simple finger-taps.

Learn about spatial hand gestures
Apple Vision Pro user prompted to join a JigSpace multiplayer presentation via Shareplay


Get all the right people in the room, no matter where they are in the world. Share 3D content, spatial context, annotations, and interactions to close knowledge gaps and solve high-value problems, fast.

Learn about multiplayer group presentations
It's not often that you find a tool that revolutionizes the way you can communicate products.”
Robert Burns, Abbott Laboratories
Robert Burns,
Abbott Laboratories

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Discover how JigSpace spatial presentations can reinvigorate training and create unforgettable product demonstrations.

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