AR training: Humans were born for 3D learning

Make information accessible, and bring technical instructions to life by adding animations, labels, and effects to your AR training guides.
Forklift Jig
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How instructors use AR for training

Engaging and interactive
Complex concepts, made simple
Embed into your LMS
Lathe Machine Jig with 4 steps.

Engaging content for remote learning

JigSpace makes it easy for subject matter experts to create simple AR training guides that engage users in a familiar, immersive format.

Inspiring team members with memorable 3D learning content that supports knowledge retention, Jigs can be embedded into existing knowledge bases, support docs, or LMS software. This makes them easy to find and incorporate into your outcome assessments.
Embed into your LMS

Embed directly into most major e-learning and LMS software. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

Easy to create, edit, and maintain

Quickly and easily build and maintain 3D assets in-house with code-free, drag-and-drop software.

Rich and engaging

Engage learners in new and immersive ways with interactive AR training.

AR learning, view Jig in tablet devices.

Complex concepts made simple with 3D learning

Complex spacial concepts can be difficult to explain and hard to visualize in a 2D format without creating expensive training videos.

Simple and cost-effective, JigSpace combines 3D instructions, movement, labels, and effects to guide learners through complicated ideas, products, and processes. By creating immersive AR training guides, complete with stunning, in-depth visuals, you can empower teams to deep-dive into educational content at their own pace and perspective.
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Wheel Alignment Frame Jig.

A new approach to technical instructions

Many learners find it difficult to interpret engineering and technical documentation. With JigSpace, instructors and L&D teams can turn complex engineering documentation into a contextualized, easy-to-understand visual format that staff and customers can access whenever and wherever they like.

Using AR for learning, educational content knows no boundaries. You can train and connect with people throughout your company and all over the world.
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