Revolutionize learning with JigSpace

JigSpace empowers students to explore complex concepts through interactive, inquiry-based learning experiences powered by augmented reality. We call these 3D presentations "Jigs".
A teacher pointing at augmented reality 3d visualization of a jet turbine in a university classroom

Educators worldwide harness the AR capabilities of JigSpace.

University design student working 3D presentation of a mountain bike with JigSpace augmented reality

Create engaging 3D content

Our simple but powerful platform will have your first 3D presentation (Jig) created in no time.

Share and embed

Easily share your 3D content with students by sharing a link, embedding in Canva or your Learning Management System.

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Three university engineering students collaborating on a robotics project in augmented reality with JigSpace software

Elevate learning engagement

Watch students thrive as they both experience and create 3D content, boosting comprehension and engagement.

Effortless and secure adoption

With strong data privacy, and role based access, JigSpace can integrate seamlessly into your existing teaching processes and LMS, enabling both students and staff to harness the power of AR.
Three university engineering students collaborating on a robotics project in augmented reality with JigSpace software
Jet engine Jig with step-by-step instruction.

Step-by-step interactive storytelling

Take students on an immersive journey that breaks down novel or innovative subjects into engaging, step-by-step experiences, igniting their curiosity and knowledge retention.

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3D training content of forklift safety procedure with embedded quiz made in JigSpace

Personalize learning with adaptive quizzes

Assess knowledge levels, provide real-time feedback, and guide students toward mastery, fostering personalized and active learning experiences through adaptive quizzing.

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Enrich your materials with all types of media

Seamlessly integrate images, videos, text, and audio with 3D models to create comprehensive educational content that maximizes the learning experience.

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JigSpace certification

For large rollouts to school districts, or multiple faculties, we offer an online training program to ensure your educators and students are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage our platform.

Personalized onboarding

We offer personalized onboarding, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager for those educational institutes who require a little more assistance with our platform and best practices.

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