Security and trust by design

Security and trust form the foundation of the JigSpace platform so teams can share and communicate their products and ideas with confidence.
Team mates discussing a CAD mechanical design that has been turned into augmented reality using JigSpace.

Secure and compliant platform

Enterprise-grade security measures and regular compliance audits provide a safe and secure cloud environment for your intellectual property.
Data encrypted at rest and in transit
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Seal of authenticity for SOC2 Type 2 complicate issued by AICPA
SOC2 Type 2 Compliance
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Continuous monitoring by Vanta
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Meeting in a room looking at 3D and augmented reality content in JigSpace with remote team mates on Zoom

Content and user controls

Key privacy, role based access, and secure sharing features give you the ability to control who can access, view, or edit content.
Password protected sharing
Share content outside your team securely with password protection, or privately inside your secure team environment.

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Single Sign On (SSO)
Centralize access management and maintain compliance with Enterprise SSO on Organisation and Enterprise plans.

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Managing who can access a presentation in JigSpace and edit and viewing permissions per user.
Role based access
Determine which team members can view or edit content, or administer users and permissions with role based access.

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Fortune 500 companies trust us with their data

Security and operational alignment

JigSpace’s framework of trust maintains protection of your intellectual property, whilst ensuring compliance with your legal and regulatory requirements.
Non Disclosure Agreements
Protect sensitive information, safeguard intellectual property, and maintain confidentiality when engaging support or studio services.

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Icon of a Master services agreement (MSA) that JigSpace companies can enter into as Organization and Enterprise customers
Master Service Agreements (MSA) can help provide consistency in terms & conditions across multiple teams and projects as well as enterprise-wide service level agreements.

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“As a solution that has enabled Medtronic to concepturalize new cell operating system (COS) designs, as well as assisting us in the development of new medical devices, I have found JigSpace to be a critical solution that aligns with our innovative strategy.”
William Harding, 
Distinguished Engineer | Medtronic
William Harding
Distinguished Engineer

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For peace of mind, additional security and privacy compliance documentation is available via request.