Design and prototype

The prototyping revolution is here, with AR visualization

AR prototyping is an affordable, scalable alternative to traditional prototyping. Simulate product designs at-scale using Augmented Reality.
Hair drier Jig
View on AR
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How industrial designers are using AR prototyping tools

Quick simulations
Shorten the feedback loop
Collaborating remotely
Presenting a Jig to team.

Simplify your presentations, not your ideas

Sharing technical information with a non-technical audience can be frustrating for everyone involved. Animated presentations enable you to present complicated designs in a visual language anyone can understand.

Shortening the feedback loop and making iteration faster, our AR prototyping tool will speed up the review process with concise digital presentations.
CAD file compatability

Import files created in SolidWorks®, Fusion 360™️, Inventor️, Creo, Blender, Shapr3d, and more.

Animations and effects

View your designs, at-scale, and in a real world setting.

Simplify complex products

Unpack your designs and guide teams through your products, inside, outside, and all the way around.

A Jig with 4 steps.

A new way to prototype

Product prototyping is traditionally an expensive and time-consuming process. Our AR prototyping tool lets you create digital models, in situ and in stunning detail, minimizing costs while speeding up iteration.

From initial designs to first prototypes, view your digital creations the way they were made to be viewed: in the real world!
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Team remotely collaborating on editing Jig.

Remote collaboration made easy

Remote collaboration is difficult when working with large and complex 3D assets, or when team members don’t all have access to CAD software.

Our cloud-based library makes collaboration a breeze. Translate complicated information into simple AR visualizations, and then toggle editing permissions to spur multi-team collaboration across all levels of your organization.
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