Keep customers engaged with 3D  product models

Create an immersive narrative that inspires action using Augmented Reality and interactive storytelling.
Alfa Romio F1 team Orlen Jig
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How teams are using AR in marketing

Showcase products anywhere
Rich and impactful visualization
No technical skills needed
Planet rover suspension Jig with steps.

Create standout product demos

It’s not always easy to communicate the value of your products in a 2D format. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, especially in a competitive market where many products can look almost identical on the outside.

Invite customers to ‘pop the hood’ on your products and discover how truly unique they are using in-depth 3D product models. JigSpace helps marketing teams tell a richer story that reveals the true innovation behind your products.
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Embedded experiences

Embed Jigs into your website or product catalogs, or link from physical collateral using QR codes.

Rich and engaging

‘Wow’ your customers with immersive product simulations in AR.

Easy to create, edit, and maintain

Our code-free, drag-and-drop platform lets you build and maintain 3D assets in-house with ease.

A product Jig ready to go.

Your products in your pocket

Transporting physical products to exhibitions is often impractical, time-consuming, and expensive.

Using JigSpace, all your products can be accessed as 3D assets in just moments for easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective demos – without compromising on detail.
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People using mobile to present Jig in AR.

AR marketing material in minutes, not weeks

Boasting a user-friendly platform that anyone can master, JigSpace empowers teams to create AR marketing material in-house with ease.

With the ability to create and maintain 3D assets using zero code and a drag-and-drop interface, JigSpace helps companies minimize upfront costs and time-consuming asset maintenance. That means your teams – and your budget – will be free to focus on other vital marketing ventures.
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Explore more ways to use AR in marketing

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Designing a jig, changing the color.

Design and prototype

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