Capture your USP with rich and engaging 3D and AR marketing

Turn complex products into bite-sized snippets of information that thrill your customers while communicating your value proposition.
Alfa Romio F1 team Orlen Jig
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How teams are using AR in marketing

Showcase products anywhere
Rich and impactful visualization
No technical skills needed
Checking coffee machine Jig via AR using tablet device.

Demonstrate value from every angle

An educated customer is a sales-ready customer. Using AR for marketing and for product demonstrations, your customers can embark on a thrilling exploration of your products to better understand what makes them superior.

JigSpace allows customers to view your products at-scale and in a real-world setting to help them make informed purchasing decisions – speeding up the sales cycle while minimizing returns.
Embedded experiences

Embed Jigs into your website or product catalogs, or link from physical collateral using QR codes.

Engage customers like never before

Create interactive, step-by-step AR presentations that allow customers to deep dive into your products at their own pace and perspective.

Easy to create, edit, and maintain

Our code-free, drag-and-drop platform lets you build and maintain 3D assets in-house with ease.

A bike Jig with 3 steps and labels showing different parts of the bike.

Easy to use and accessible to all

JigSpace was designed to be used by anyone – no specialist knowledge required. Our code-free, drag-and-drop platform lets you easily build and maintain 3D assets in-house, saving you time and money.

Simply upload your CAD files, and then bring your 3D products to life with labels, colors, motion, and a library of pre-made animations.
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AR & 3D Marketing material in your pocket, wherever you go

JigSpace can save you time, money and the headache of transporting heavy, awkward, or fragile products. With all your products saved as shareable 3D assets, you’ll be sales-ready wherever you go.

Once shared, anyone can view your products on their mobile device in thrilling AR. This means your products will be able to cross borders – and even oceans – boosting sales and fueling your business growth.
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