Transform your training and support materials

Increase product knowledge, drive more self-service, and offer an innovative experience with step-by-step 3D guides.
Image shows how Jig can be useful for training and support.
A Jet Engine Jig with step by step instructions.

Intuitive step-by-step guidance

Guiding customers through multi-step processes can be difficult and time consuming. Transform your product guides and setup instructions into easy-to-follow, step-by-step Jigs that break down complex processes and provide your customers with an interactive, self-driven form of product education.
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Help customers
help themselves

Poor quality support materials lead to more customers reaching out for help. Empower customers to help themselves with effective 3D product guides that make it easy to understand how your product works. By doing so, you can reduce the burden on your support team and improve customer satisfaction.
Use Jig as more effective, engaging support.

An experience to match your product

Traditional, static support materials are limited in what they can showcase, and often leave a lot to be desired. Create a customer experience that reflects the innovation of your product with interactive 3D guides that are rich with animation, labels, and more.

An innovative addition to your customer experience

Jigs are designed to work seamlessly with your existing customer touch points. Embed directly into your website, and link to them via a QR code printed on your product packaging and support materials.
Solar power kit Jig presented in different devices.

Swoop Aero makes remote training easy with augmented reality

Swoop Aero Jig presenting in AR.
Swoop Aero, is an air logistics company dedicated to providing the world’s leading technology platform for sustainable and scalable drone logistics. Swoop Aero enlisted the aid of JigSpace to train drone operators using interactive presentations and augmented reality training courses.

Not only could augmented reality training courses be produced quickly and cost-effectively, the accessibility of the software also meant that learning material could easily be shared to hundreds of users on the ground with little more than an iPhone or iPad.
“The JigSpace AR app is at the center of all the training packages that we’re rolling out, everywhere we operate.”
Erik Peck (Swoop Aero) avatar image.
Erik Peck
Chief Executive Officer
Swoop Aero

Bring spatial computing to your business

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