Make unforgettable marketing materials

Showcase your product with rich, interactive marketing materials that bring your unique selling point to life and captivate your customers’ imaginations. All of this without a Hollywood budget or complex development.
Image shows how Jig can be useful for marketing.
Use Jig as marketing materials.

Collateral that converts

Static, stock-standard marketing materials often struggle to convey cutting-edge innovation. Use a Jig to deliver self-guided, interactive 3D product experiences where your features and benefits come to life. The result? An unforgettable experience for your customers and higher conversion rates for the sales team.
Product launch using Jig.

Ignite your product launches

Your launch won’t fall flat if you supercharge how you communicate the value of your new offering. Make the most of your big moments and launch your product with impact.

Shine a spotlight on your USP and clearly explain the technology behind your product with step-by-step demonstrations, layered with annotations and animations, that leave a lasting impression.
Screenshot of VANMOOFS5 product Jig on website.

Update instantly, unlimited scale

Technology moves fast and your marketing material must keep pace. Videos and traditional 3D renders look great but they age quickly. Embed your Jigs directly into your website and sales collateral in minutes, and update instantly when required. It’s a code-free, cloud-based, drag and drop solution that ensures your materials reach everyone, without the need for costly dev or third party support.

Built for the modern marketer’s toolkit

Jigs are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing marketing touchpoints with ease. Embed directly into your website, feature in email campaigns, and reference in printed marketing materials with a QR code.
Race car Jig presented in different devices.

Alfa Romeo launched their F1 car directly into the hands of millions of their fans

View C42 Jig on mobile.
In early 2022, the Alfa Romeo F1 team were about to launch their stunning new car, the C42. It was an incredible feat of engineering and they wanted the fans to feel like they could reach out and touch it.

They used Jig to launch the latest Alfa Romeo F1 car into the driveways, classrooms, and homes of millions of fans around the world, allowing them to get up close and engage with the sport like never before.
“JigSpace is just so useful for communicating the revolutionary design and beauty of our car in an immediately accessible way.”
Stefano Battiston (Alfa Romeo F1 Team) avatar image.
Stefano Battiston
Head of Marketing & Communications
Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake

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