Supercharge your trade show with 3D product demonstrations

Draw a crowd, streamline logistics, and connect with customers with an interactive 3D product display. Make your next trade show the best one yet.
Hero image of a Jig at a trade show.
Demo Jig on a tablet device to customers in the trade show.

Captivate the crowd

The key to a successful trade show is simple: be unforgettable. Engage attendees with an interactive, animated, 3D display that helps them quickly understand your product.

Offer a unique demonstration to stay top of mind with potential customers long after the trade show ends.
A Jig explaining logistic equipment.

Streamline logistics for greater ROI

Trade show logistics can be a headache. Even more so when you're exhibiting large, heavy, high-tech products.

Not sure if this tradeshow will generate a return? Save on shipping costs and simplify your setup by using a Jig to demonstrate your product. Have your entire product range on display in 3D, and empower attendees to get closer with augmented reality.
Connect quickly with new customers with Jig presentation.

Connect quickly with new customers

At trade shows, you’re competing for attention. It’s vital to connect quickly with potential customers before they move on.

An interactive 3D model will fly past the opening question of ‘What does it do?’ and get straight to why it's valuable. Have more in-depth conversations and leave with more high quality leads.

Designed for innovative exhibitors

It’s easy to incorporate a Jig into your existing trade show display. Reach many people at once by showing your Jig on a screen, and let attendees get hands-on during busy periods with an iPad. After the event, give prospects something to take home by adding a QR code to your printed materials.
Complex machine Jig presented in different devices on a tradeshow.

Automata left the 4-ton robots at home and took a Jig instead

How Automata uses Jig in the trade show.
Automata takes a new approach to lab automation and they need to explain this to customers at trade shows around the world. It isn't always possible to take their physical product, so they turned to Jig to offer an interactive 3D demonstration.

They save thousands in costs at every trade show, reduce the time to coordinate logistics, and create a memorable experience for each attendee.
“Customers' eyes light up when they see one of our Jigs. They're immediately able to explain our product to their stakeholders and move much faster.”
Mathew Keegan (Automata) avatar image.
Mathew Keegan
Director of Applications Engineering

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