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JigSpace 3.26

Friday, August 11, 2023

Supercharge your Jig creation with the new object tree and copyable Jigs

Object list

Desktop app users can browse and select 3D models, images, and text boxes in a hierarchy, show or hide them while editing, and select multiple objects to speed up the creation processes.

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Save a copy

You can now copy a Jig from the Explore section of the app, or your own Team Jigs, and then modify it to suit your needs.

Create team templates

Set your Jig as a reusable template that only your team can copy and use. Customize your copy settings in the Jig settings menu. 

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Multi-selection precision editing

Creators can now select multiple objects at the same time in the object list or the viewport, and then transform them in the property panel on desktop. Edit position, rotation, or scale, copy and paste properties from one step to another.

> Learn more about multiple selection

Plus, we’ve made these improvements:

  • New visual effects for interactive actions now appear in the App Clips Universal AR viewer
  • Each Jig hero panel preview in the app now includes its total views, author, date last updated, and visibility. Click on the ... menu in hero panels to share, delete, or save a Jig for offline viewing (iOS only).
  • You'll find some new Jig templates to copy in the explore tab that you can copy, with more being added every month.
  • It’s easier to understand panning on a desktop with the cursor now turning into a hand when the spacebar is pressed.
  • We've squashed a lot of sneaky bugs, and made improvements to error logging and reporting to more quickly resolve future issues.
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JigSpace 3.25

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Unlock new insights about your Jigs

Analytics in JigSpace

Measure user engagement

Use analytics to understand how your Jigs are used. Track views, actions, and engagement time. Available on the Organization plan.

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Organize your Jigs with categories

Add a category to your Jig to keep organized. Create categories for different products, teams, or projects.

Easily sort your Jigs

Apply the new sort function to easily find the Jig you are looking for. Sort by name, author, or category.

Plus, we’ve made these improvements:

  • Viewers will see a visual effect when viewing an object which has an action so they know what they can interact with
  • We’ll now remember where you pin the toolbar in the desktop app
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JigSpace 3.24

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Minor release

Performance improvements and bug fixes

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JigSpace 3.23.0

Monday, May 15, 2023

Make your Jigs even more interactive

Jig interactive action example animation.

Add new interactions to your Jigs

Use Actions to take users directly to a step or a URL when interacting with your Jig.

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