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JigSpace for Apple Vision 1.2

Monday, May 6, 2024

View your own Jigs, enable pulling apart objects

All users can now create a 3D presentation  in one of our apps for desktop, iPad, or iPhone, and view it in Apple Vision Pro. Open a Jig link and click 'View on Apple Vision Pro' to launch it into the native JigSpace spatial app. This early access capability is now generally available to all customers.

As a creator, you can preview your Jigs for the first 3 steps, and for 3 minutes duration at a time. Customers on paid Apple Vision plans get unrestricted viewing of their 3D presentations.

Pull apart objects

You. can now pick up and pull apart objects inside your own Jigs, with your hands, just like the F1 Racing car and Jet Engine examples in the app.

Picking up and pulling apart objects mimics our natural interactions with physical objects, enhancing your ability to learn through:

  • Interactive 'hands on' product demonstrations: Technical sales professionals can offer customers a hands-on examination of products within a simulated environment. This is particularly useful in made-to-order, complex, or hard to transport products like machines or infrastructure.
  • Hands-on learning: Educators and subject matter experts can facilitate interactive discussions, asking participants to examine parts closely or share them with others.

New presentations have this enabled by default, and older presentations need to have this enabled in the Jig settings.

Learn more about picking up and pulling apart objects.

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JigSpace 3.29

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Stale update protection

View your own Jigs on Apple Vision Pro

You can now create 3D presentations on your Mac, Windows desktop, iPad or iPhone, and instantly preview them on an Apple Vision Pro. We’ve made this exciting capability generally available to all users, after alpha-testing with many of our customers.

To view your own Jigs on Apple Vision Pro follow these steps:

  • Copy the share link of the 3D presentation you want to view
  • Ensure it is set to ‘Anyone with the link can view’
  • Open the link on your Apple Vision Pro
  • Click ‘View in Apple Vision Pro’ when it begins to load.

For customers without a paid Apple Vision Pro plan, you can preview your Jigs for the first 3 steps, and 3 minutes duration each time.

You can also enable or disable picking up and pulling apart objects on the Apple Vision Pro in the settings menu of the Jig editor.

Learn more about pulling apart objects on Apple Vision Pro.

Stale update protection

We've improved version tracking and how we manage file update conflicts for creators editing the same Jig presentation across different devices or users.

When editing or attempting to update a stale version of your presentation now, you will be prompted to update to the latest version of presentation, or make a copy of your current older version, to protect the latest version of your presentation from being accidentally overwritten. This lays the groundwork for our upcoming release of multi-user editing.

Custom proxy configuration

Users with custom work networks or VPN settings blocking their use of JigSpace can enter custom proxy settings to ensure uninterrupted access to their JigSpace account.

To add a custom proxy setting, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your app is updated to 3.29.0
  2. Go to {icon-settings-svg} in the JigSpace app menu (top left)
  3. Select ‘Proxy configuration’ from the menu
  4. Enter the domain and port number in the field
    follow format of domain:port
  5. Save.

Learn more about using custom proxy configuration.

Quality improvements

We've made a huge range of improvements to underlying performance of various creator features and squashed a range of bug fixes.

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JigSpace for Apple Vision 1.1

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Multiplayer group presentations with SharePlay

You can now share group spatial presentations with others using SharePlay. While on a FaceTime call in Apple Vision Pro, you can now use SharePlay to view a Jig presentation with multiple people simultaneously. Highlight objects, pull apart pieces, and draw annotations, all while talking and seeing each other.

As the presenting host, you control the flow of the presentation, ensuring that each transition is synchronized for all viewers. This update allows any viewer to interact more dynamically with the content by picking up objects, highlighting specific parts, and drawing annotations. These changes are instantly visible to everyone involved, fostering a truly interactive session.

We are also making available - to more eligible paying subscribers - the ability to view your own Jigs. Viewers will be able to open Jigs on Apple Vision Pro by opening a share link.

Features include opening publicly visible jigs, spatial hand gestures, most core presentation content types, as well as the new viewing in multiplayer mode with other people. This feature is still in beta, so there are some limitations. If you spot any issues or have feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Experience these new capabilities today and transform how you interact with Jig presentations on Apple Vision Pro.

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JigSpace for Apple Vision 1.0

Friday, February 2, 2024

JigSpace launches on new spatial computing platform

We’re excited to announce the launch of JigSpace for Apple Vision Pro, taking full advantage of its incredible capabilities to supercharge the communication of complex ideas, products and processes, radically enhancing the impact and efficiency of training, sales and marketing.

With JigSpace for Apple Vision Pro, you can:

  • Explore an incredible, curated selection of 3D presentations.
  • Immerse Yourself in Detail: Lean in and discover intricacies of your products like never before, engaging with content that is meticulously crafted for clarity and immersive communication.
  • Stunning Realism: Experience presentations that feel real, thanks to the power of Apple Vision Pro, supporting 4K textures and high-fidelity CAD files for unparalleled realism.
  • Intuitive Interaction: Manipulate Jigs with spatial hand gestures; pull apart components, annotate, and explore in a natural, hands-on manner that enhances understanding and interaction.

This version includes sample content to explore. You will soon be able to view your own 3D presentations made with the JigSpace desktop or iPad apps on this app for Apple Vision Pro.

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