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JigSpace 3.23.0

Monday, May 15, 2023

Make your Jigs even more interactive

Jig interactive action example animation.

Add new interactions to your Jigs

Use Actions to take users directly to a step or a URL when interacting with your Jig.

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JigSpace 3.22

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Load Jigs faster with automatic optimization

Super fast Jigs

When you next update and save a Jig, you’ll notice that it loads faster on the web and in augmented reality. We’re rolling this out over the next few weeks.

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JigSpace 3.21

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

More control over sharing Jigs with new password protection

As more teams discover the power of a Jig, we get to see the many ways you share your creations with the world. This month we’re excited to introduce password protected Jigs to our Organization plan, which gives you another option for controlling how you share your creations.

We’re continually focused on seamlessly fitting into your team’s workflow, and making Jig a delight to use. 

Protect your Jig with a password

Add a password to your Jig so you can share it with specific clients, partners, or stakeholders. Available on the Organization plan.

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Add a frame to focus attention

Choose from a range of ready-made frames to draw attention to specific parts of your Jig.

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Transform objects with precision input

Specify exact properties for the position, rotation, and scale of your objects in the desktop app. 

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JigSpace 3.20

Monday, February 20, 2023

Make your Jigs exactly right with new precision tools

This month we’ve addressed your feedback about needing more precise control when creating Jigs. You can now specify exact properties when it comes to position, rotation, and scale, and get a clearer view of the workspace with a moveable toolbar. We hope these updates enable you to make your Jigs exactly right.

These features are available in the latest desktop app for Mac and Windows.

Transform objects with precision tools

Specify exact properties for the position, rotation, and scale of your objects in the desktop app with the new object property panel.

Advanced editing tools require a paid subscription.

Copy and paste object properties

Quickly apply the position, rotation, and scale properties to other objects or steps.

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Floating or fixed toolbar

Move the toolbar out of the way so you have a clearer view of your workspace. 

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