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JigSpace 3.18

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Easier way to navigate your content

  • It’s easier to keep track of your Jigs with automatically created thumbnails and file names, if you’re in a rush and don’t create one for yourself. You can always change and edit later. Read more about JigSpace thumbnails here.
  • We've made Improvements to how we message and inform you about important app updates when you or your team members are getting started with JigSpace.
  • Has it been a while since you created your account? Our creator tutorial has been updated to teach creators about more features of making a Jig, including how to switch from ‘object mode’ to ‘sub-object mode’, and adding materials to parts. To try the drone tutorial, update the app and go to tutorials.
  • Team names now default to your company or school name, so you don't have to update later in your settings.
  • Important performance updates under the hood to get ready for a surprise new feature in December. Stay tuned!
Automatically saving a thumbnail and name to your jigs when saving them

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JigSpace 3.17

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

More enhancements to make it easier for first time creators to get started.

    • Users on free plans can now upload CAD files larger than 20MB, up to their team limit of 200MB.
    • Import objects to all steps, or a specific set of steps. You won’t have to pre-load your files before starting a step-by-step presentation.
    • Desktop-to-mobile handoff is now easier to transition from editing a Jig on a desktop, to viewing it in AR on a mobile device.
    • The free object library has new shapes and effects to bring your Jigs to life, and new models of tools and ISO warning labels for manufacturers making 3D instructions.

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    JigSpace 3.16

    Wednesday, September 28, 2022

    7-day free trial for Starter subscriptions

    7-day free trial for Starter subscriptions

    Link through to JigSpace Starter plan 7-day free trial

    The best way to create Jigs is with the additional features and support of a JigSpace subscription. With the ability to upload large CAD files, manage content privacy settings, access the advanced webAR viewer, and more, our subscriptions open the door to a whole new level of Jig creation.

    With the new 7-day free trial of our Starter plan, there’s never been a better time to discover what you can do with a JigSpace subscription. You can start your free trial today!

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    JigSpace 3.15

    Wednesday, August 24, 2022

    Supporting first time Jig creators

    These big usability improvements are great for anyone learning how to use JigSpace. If you’re new here and have yet to try JigSpace, this is the perfect time to sign up for a new account. Already have an account? Invite teammates into your account to access these great features. And if you’re already using JigSpace and need a refresher on how to create Jigs, now is the best time to update your app and try it out!

    Video help when you need it: Click on the (?) button at the bottom left of the workshop to see guided video help of the key JigSpace features.

    Steps made clearer: Adding new steps in your presentation is clearer; just click on the pencil icon to delete or re-order steps in your timeline.

    Sample CAD files: Don't have CAD files on hand when making your first Jig? Now you can select a sample CAD file model from the library.

    Sample Jigs: We’ve supplied sample Jigs within new user accounts’ ‘My Jigs’ section, so you can edit and reverse engineer our product demo, training, and assembly examples.

    Workshop hints: As you navigate JigSpace for the first time, ‘hint bubbles’ will appear for each major feature as you come across them. These hints tell you what each feature does and gives you access to the Help Center if you want to learn more.

    Tooltips on desktop: Tooltips are available to creators in the JigSpace desktop app. Hover over any button to view tooltip information about that respective function.

    Try these out in the latest version of JigSpace by downloading our apps here.
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