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JigSpace 3.11

Thursday, April 14, 2022

1:1 True scale, easily add 2D images and videos to 3D presentations, team sharing improvements.

Feature updates

1:1 True scale

When you import to-scale CAD files to JigSpace, they retain scale and size properties to appear at real-world scale in augmented reality.

Learn more about 1:1 true scale here

To-scale CAD files retain scale and size properties in JigSpace and appear at real-world scale in augmented reality

Easy image and video upload

Add images or videos to your 3D presentations with a couple taps. No need to create separate 3D models to map a custom texture to, or custom materials. Use to add logos, marketing assets, or data tables to 3D product visualizations. Simulate digital touch screens on electronics products, add video instructions, or special effects. Upload from your desktop, file storage, or camera roll.

Learn more about adding images and videos

Add images and videos to your 3D presentations in a couple quick clicks

Team sharing improvements

You can now invite colleagues to your team inside the JigSpace app, and get stats on your team usage.‍ See how many Team Jigs have been shared, or how many 3D models have been added to your shared library.

Learn more about team sharing

Invite colleagues to the your Team in JigSpace from the app
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JigSpace 3.10.0

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Exploded views in augmented reality, invite users to your team in app

New Features:

Exploded views

  • Use the exploded view slider to show how a Jig comes apart and back together again. 
  • Perfect for showing off the complexity, scale, and mechanisms of your 3D models.
  • You can disable exploded views on your Jigs via the file settings.
  • Learn more about exploded views.
Exploded view slider in the JigSpace app viewer

Team invites in app

  • Invite colleagues to join your team from within the app and get the best from JigSpace collaborative features.
  • Free for teams of 1-3 users.
  • Teams of 4 or more users starts at $100/mth.
  • Learn more about pricing.
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JigSpace 3.9.2

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

New year, new look! New in-app tutorials.

We've refreshed our app and website look and feel. New colors, new logo, new tutorials!


  • Technical work to support upcoming WebAR web viewer and Apple App Clips viewer for your Jigs.
  • Bug fixed for an issue some users were having with the toolbar on iPhones.
  • Improvements to auto-spin.
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JigSpace 3.9.0

Monday, February 7, 2022

Technical improvements

This release is updating our core underlying technology to enable our forthcoming WebAR web viewer and App Clips features.

Learn more about the WebAR web viewer on the link below.

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