Product education material that captivates your channel partners

Equip your channel partners with interactive product enablement materials that boost their knowledge and help them sell with confidence.
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Make your product the priority

Yours might not be the only product on your channel partners’ desks but with Jig you’ll be the highest priority. Engaging marketing collateral makes it easy for your channel partners to understand the value of what they have and sell it with confidence.

Stay ahead of the competition with collateral that puts you first.
Impart knowledge quickly using JigSpace across different devices.

Expert knowledge imparted quickly

Your channel partners can only sell your product well if they deeply understand it. Use a Jig as a step-by-step educational guide, so your partners can help themselves when you're not there. You can educate quickly with richly detailed, interactive 3D models of your product that spotlight all the key features and unique design elements they need to know about.

Optimized for brilliant display on any device, a Jig is the most effective way to convert partners into advocates.
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Instant updates across every instance

Reduce the risk of partners distributing out-of-date information or collateral. Update your Jigs with a one click so your marketing collateral is always up to date. As Jigs are hosted in the cloud, updates are immediately shown across every instance.
Example of sample 3D presentations on JigSpace app for Apple Vision Pro

Spatial presentations, wherever you go

As your presentations are created and edited, changes are instantly viewable anywhere in the world, on any device. From iOS, to Android, to web browsers on PCs.. to the new Apple Vision Pro. Your spatial presentations can go wherever your business needs.
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Works instantly on any device, anywhere

Jigs go to a whole new level on Apple Vision Pro, but they also work on all devices–no app required. Embed a Jig directly into your website, or share the link via email or QR code. It's the quickest and easiest way to share your product in spatial, 3D, or augmented reality.
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Seamless product education collateral

Jigs are designed to integrate into your existing processes and toolkits. Make them easy to discover by embedding them into your website or learning portal, and reference them in your product datasheets via a link or QR code.
VANMOOF Jig presented in different devices.

Creating a buzz with VanMoof’s new electric bike

View Van Moof Jig in AR using a tablet device.
VanMoof were looking for an innovative way to launch their new bikes to retailers and the technology press, while improving sales demonstrations for customers.

They turned to Boldly-XR, who created a Jig to creatively convey the new features of the bikes with sound, animation, and video. The innovative approach helped to get retail partners on board while generating interest amongst technology media outlets.
“Seeing is believing and AR works wonders for slow moving consumer goods.”
Yannick Boers (Boldly-XR) avatar image.
Yannick Boers
Creative Director

Bring spatial computing to your business

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