Showcase your innovation with AR for engineering

From prototype to production, our interactive presentation tool turns complex ideas into detailed demonstrations that are easily understood by any audience.
Small Engine Jig
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How engineering teams are using AR visualization software

Bring your CAD to life
Better collaboration
Shorten feedback loops
A fan Jig with comment of "Done with no code!".

Bring your designs to life using AR for engineering

CAD software typically relies on static objects to demonstrate complex designs. This leaves a lot to the imagination and can lead to misunderstandings as to how your creations actually work.

Our AR visualization software lets you animate your designs, and even add special effects that simulate airflow, direction of movement, and much more. Teams can then explore your designs, inside and out, with Augmented Reality.
CAD file compatability

Import files created in SolidWorks®, Fusion 360™️, Inventor️, Creo, Blender, Shapr3d, and more.

Animation and effects

Create realistic simulations in Augmented Reality with pre-made effects, materials, and animations.

Simplify complex ideas

Unpack your designs with step-by-step demonstrations, annotations, and audio instructions.

Team collaborating on a Jig.

Collaborate better, remotely

JigSpace enables teams throughout your organization to view 3D content in real-time from anywhere, even if they don’t have access to CAD software.

Our visualization software is cloud-based, accessible on all devices, and designed to speed up collaboration while improving the quality of product discussions. That means faster, company-wide feedback, and a more natural collaborative experience for everyone.
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Designing a jig, changing the color. With a comment "looking good".

Shorten the feedback loop

With so many teams and stakeholders involved, collecting feedback on your designs can feel like a mammoth task. JigSpace makes 3D product visualization easy while eliminating the need for screen-shares, one-off 2D renders, and agonizingly slow feedback loops.

Upload your CAD in minutes to create prototypes, assembly instructions, product training, and more. Users can then add graphics, audio, text, and videos to give context to CAD assemblies or parts before sharing their Jigs with the team.
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