Universal augmented reality

Anyone can see your products or ideas in AR - no app needed.
Checking a coffee machine Jig using AR.
Check a forklift training Jig using AR.
Screen sharing a Jig in a Video meeting.
Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, 2022 race car C42 in augmented reality using a JigSpace.
Check engine Jig using AR on a mobile device.

AR that can
reach everyone

You can send a Jig, a JigSpace 3D presentation, to colleagues, customers, or even publicly, and know that your audience will be able to view it. They can view your Jigs on any device even without the JigSpace app.

What makes Universal AR unique

JigSpace is designed to allow anyone with a CAD file to create 3D presentations and share them in AR. This makes JigSpace the quickest and easiest way to share your product or idea in AR.

Viewing Jigs in AR doesn’t require an app. Your Jigs are universally available across all devices. You can be certain that your audience can see your Jigs in AR with any online device.

Driven by powerful technology

Simply create your Jig and use the unique QR code or link to share it, or choose to embed it into websites or online systems.

Utilizing the combined technology of the JigSpace apps, App Clips, and embedded viewing, our universal AR will then automatically serve up the best viewing experience on your recipients' device for optimal viewing.