Bring your CAD files to life

Use simple tools to animate, annotate, and articulate your CAD files, turning them into unique AR guides that can be shared with anyone.
Design and prototype
A model with labels imported into JigSpace from CAD files, along with a note "Import labels and colors".

Works with all major 3D file types

JigSpace supports all major CAD file types, including OBJ, FBX, STEP, and STL.

If your CAD files contain colors, they’ll automatically be imported into JigSpace, while part names can be imported for use as interactive labels.

CAD mesh data is imported at just 1/50th of its original size, so Jigs can be opened on mobile devices without slowing them to a crawl.
Learn how to use this tool
Hair dryer Jig with a comment asking "Add flow effects".

Animate AR guides in minutes

Transform your CAD files into dynamic presentations that really make a splash. JigSpace lets you bring your product models to life with animations and special effects that simulate airflow, direction of movement, and much more.

Teams and customers can then see your content in action on any device.
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