Augmented Reality demonstrations with Triangle Waterquip

Complex 3D product demos with Triangle Waterquip

How do you demonstrate innovative and technical products in a remote-working world? 

Communicating complicated information in a visual language everyone can understand

Triangle Waterquip is an innovative manufacturer of the FILTAWORX water filter in Melbourne, Australia. These fully-automatic, self-cleaning water filtration systems are used throughout industrial, irrigation, municipal, and mining sectors throughout the world.

The FILTAWORX range of products are sold both direct from the factory and via a reseller network. Selling usually required a demonstration of these highly differentiated and configurable filters, which was previously only possible at annual trade shows and occasionally during site tours.

The challenge

Client decision-making can be a slow process, particularly in large-scale operations where there are many stakeholders. Triangle Waterquip needed to find a way to speed up client decision-making while proving that their products were superior to international competitors. 

They also needed to remove the restriction placed on them by their reliance on in-person demonstrations. They aimed to achieve this with remote digital product demonstrations which could reveal the unique mechanical details that made their products better than the competition. 

The solution

Triangle Waterquip turned to JigSpace to demonstrate their advanced technology and novel filtration systems in highly detailed 3D presentation models. 

“Using this innovative AR platform enables us to showcase our range of filtration products to our customer-base anywhere in the world, eliminating the costly transport-of-products costs of the past.”
Mike King,
General Manager, Triangle Waterquip

JigSpace’s in-built security and sharing features allowed 3D model presentations to be shared securely in moments, both internally and throughout the reseller network. This brought their products into boardrooms all around the world, while on-site demonstrations could be experienced instantly in AR as part of the presales process. 

The ability to show a realistic model of heavy industrial equipment on an iPhone or iPad had the potential to rapidly speed up decision-making in sales discussions.

Jig Pro Triangle Waterquip Filtaworx filter augmented reality 600x400
Triangle Waterquip brought their FILTAWORX range of products into boardrooms using 3D model presentations in Augmented Reality.

The results

JigSpace’s sharing and security features enabled the use of highly detailed, CAD-based 3D models which could be securely distributed throughout the reseller network while keeping intellectual property safe. 

Triangle Waterquip’s mechanical engineers were able to import SolidWorks STEP files directly into JigSpace so that sales and marketing teams could use them. This ensured that models were accurate without burdening the engineering team with the task of creating customized 3D content.

With their range of products readily available on most devices, Triangle Waterquip has successfully eliminated their reliance on physical product demonstrations at trade shows. Now, they can present their products in the real world, both in-person and remotely, saving on travel costs while helping to speed up the customer decision-making process.

The ability to show the inner workings of their products also gives Triangle Waterquip a significant advantage over the competition, as they can easily demonstrate the superior technology behind their products.

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Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Head of Product