Let your product demo sell itself

Win your next deal faster with an unforgettable 3D product demonstration. Impress prospects with your technology, stand out from competitors, and have your whole product catalog in your pocket.
Image shows how Jig can be useful for sales.
3D model of a machine in a Jig, with Humidifier highlighted and label tagged.

Quickly explain, immediately engage

Convey the technical nuance of your product in minutes. Walk into meetings with an engaging, innovative, and interactive demonstration ready to go. Let your customer deep dive into your product and experience it themselves.
2 people checking Jigs on a tablet device.

Stand out from
the crowd

Remarkable products deserve remarkable demonstrations. Old-fashion brochures, static images, and boring sales collateral aren’t going to showcase your innovation—but a Jig will. Show off your product with an interactive prototype that amazes and delights while answering crucial questions.
Showing Jigs in mobile screens.

All your products,
in your pocket

Get more eyes on your catalogue and take any product on the road with Jig. Store your entire product catalogue on the cloud, ready to be accessed on any device. Let anyone experience your product in augmented reality, anytime, anywhere.

The new addition to your sales kit

A Jig works with how you sell today. Present it at your next pitch, embed it into your website, and link to it as part of your email follow-up.
Image showing the different places where Hino Truck Jig can be used.

Hino brought a 15-ton truck to a meeting in a single click

View Hino Truck Jig in AR using a tablet device.
Hino Trucks produce their vehicles at a massive plant in West Virginia, USA. The heaviest model weighs in at 15 metric tonnes so it’s not always possible to show it in-person.

Hino use Jig to showcase their trucks in augmented reality. With all their models saved in the cloud, dealers have access to all products for any sales pitch, trade show or customer meeting.
“The results were impressive and received a positive response from sales, training, our dealerships, and customers. We would highly recommend working with JigSpace.”
Dominik Beckman (Hino Trucks) avatar image.
Dominik Beckman
Director of Marketing & Dealer Operations
Hino Trucks

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