Incorporating augmented reality in product demonstrations wi

Incorporating augmented reality in product demonstrations with Hino Trucks USA

Hino Truck viewed in Augmented Reality by using JigSpace

Capturing the experience of in-person product demonstrations using realistic 3D presentations in augmented reality.

Demonstrating the value of heavy industrial products when physical presentations were no longer an option 

Hino Trucks USA produces its Class 6-7 conventional Hino trucks at its Williamstown plant in West Virginia. With its largest model weighing in at 33,000 GVW (15 metric tonnes), transporting vehicles for demonstration isn’t always easy.

The challenge

Unlike food or clothing manufacturers who can send samples to their customers or distributors, heavy industrial manufacturers often rely on trade shows and on-site demonstrations. Transporting these products not only takes time, but comes at great cost to the manufacturer. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic brought on-site demonstrations, showroom visits, and trade shows to a halt, Hino Trucks USA was presented with a unique challenge. Not only did they need to be able to train their vast dealer network, they also needed to find a way of demonstrating the value of their products remotely. 

Faced with travel bans, supply chain interruptions, and physical limitations, how does a trucking company such as Hino Trucks USA demonstrate vehicle and engine features to people who can’t physically inspect them?

They turn to JigSpace, of course! 

The solution 

Harnessing the power of JigSpace to create highly detailed and realistic 3D product models, Hino Trucks USA is able to demonstrate class-leading vehicle and engine features in thrilling augmented reality. 

With products available for viewing on a variety of devices, JigSpace is a powerful sales tool. It also helps Hino Trucks USA train their extensive dealer network – which spans more than 200 North American dealerships – on their latest products. From their base in Michigan, Hino Trucks USA can now bring their large and complex vehicles into meetings or showrooms anywhere in the country with just a tap on the screen.

JigSpace Jig Workshop Pro Hino Trucks A09 Cropped
Hino Trucks USA uses augmented reality to demonstrate key engine components

Due to its position on the truck and its complicated construction, showcasing the inner workings of a combustion engine is a difficult task. Now, with augmented product models available at Hino Trucks' fingertips, JigSpace makes light work of products such as their A09 series diesel engine, which weighs in at 1948lb (884kg). 

Sales, marketing, dealerships, and even customers can view and interact with products in the office, on-site, or at trade shows in just seconds using their iPad or iPhone. Hino Trucks USA can even share a link via email, inviting customers to view their products from the comfort of home, a must-have in a world growing ever-more reliant on remote purchases.

View the Hino Trucks USA Jig in 3D and in augmented reality, by clicking the below frame.

The results 

Hino Trucks USA marketing team were met with incredible success in incorporating AR presentations into their product and sales learning programs. Thanks to the interactive and realistic spatial perspective of augmented reality, each dealer can learn in their own way, exploring visual, technical, and marketing information in a self-directed format.

“The results were impressive and received a positive response from sales, training, executive management, our dealerships, and customers. We would highly recommend working with JigSpace.”
Dominik Beckman
Director, Marketing & Dealer Operations

Using JigSpace, Hino Trucks USA are also able to keep all of their products available at every dealership, trade show, and sales pitch at all times. This is a big win for both Hino Truck USA and the industry at-large, enabling major cost reductions while maximizing sales opportunities.

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Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Head of Product