VanMoof showcases cutting edge bike design in AR

VanMoof showcases cutting edge bike design in augmented reality

VanMoof’s S5 electric bicycle viewed in augmented reality with JigSpace.

How Boldly-XR found a new and cost-effective way of showcasing the unique design of VanMoof’s electric bikes to generate interest and boost sales.

Driving innovation with Boldly-XR

Boldly-XR is an agency helping companies take a fresh approach to marketing, promotions, or their business processes. Specializing in creating unforgettable extended reality (XR) experiences, their unique expertise in creative technology, UX design, AR, VR, and app development allows them to work on many challenging, multi-disciplinary projects with brands such as Volvo Penta, Polaroid, Royal Air Force Museum and more.

They were approached by VanMoof, an ambitious Dutch company who are passionate about delivering the next generation in electric bikes. VanMoof were looking for an innovative way of launching their new bikes to retailers and technology press, while improving sales demonstrations for customers.

VanMoof's S5 and A5 electric bicycles in 3D.

Showcasing innovative product design with AR content

Deliver engaging and effective content
Demonstrate innovative product features
Create step-by-step experiences

Looking to demonstrate VanMoof’s bike technology in a way that’s as creative and innovative as the brand, Boldly-XR were able to create an immersive experience with JigSpace. They used highly detailed 3D models of VanMoof’s S5 and A5 bikes, bringing the products to life with steps, effects, sound, textures, and video.

Unlike other AR and 3D software, which can’t create step-by-step presentations, JigSpace could demonstrate the individual innovations in VanMoof’s designs as the audience clicked through the steps. This helped get retail partners on board while generating interest amongst technology media outlets.

VanMoof also used the Jigs to improve in-store demonstrations while enhancing printed materials with AR content through scannable QR codes.

“Seeing is believing and augmented reality works wonders for slow moving consumer goods. The fact that we now can create narratives and showcase USP's in sequence is icing on the cake!”
Yannick Boers, Managing Director, Boldly-XR

VanMoof uses QR codes in their sales materials to launch JigSpace augmented reality experience.

A practical approach to augmented reality

Make AR capabilities more accessible
Build interactive experiences quickly
Onboard clients faster
"JigSpace offers the perfect middleground for a lot of our AR projects. Agencies that work with AR know that it's a challenge to create accessible, affordable interactive webAR. JigSpace has it all."
Yannick Boers, Managing Director, Boldly-XR

To help VanMoof launch their new range of bikes, Boldly-XR needed to find an efficient and cost effective way of delivering powerful AR capabilities. JigSpace’s easy-to-use platform and step-by-step format allowed for storytelling in 3D and AR without the need for extensive resources or development times.

Another unique feature that drew Boldly-XR to JigSpace was its Universal AR which enables Jigs to be viewed on any mobile device. Universal AR combines WebAR and Apple App Clip technology which doesn't require apps to be downloaded by viewers. This made AR content more accessible to VanMoof's viewers, speeding up client onboarding while offering a more enjoyable experience with the brand.

“JigSpace has clear use of technology such as App Clips, and is really good on iOS in particular.”
Yannick Boers, Managing Director, Boldly-XR

Boldly going where no brand has gone before

Boldly-XR’s work with JigSpace has shown how brands of all shapes and sizes can create rich and immersive AR content without the high price tag or long production times.

Since their work with VanMoof, they’ve continued harnessing the power of JigSpace to bring AR capabilities to more clients. They also use the platform in their own pitches to communicate ideas and close deals quickly.

We can’t wait to see what else Boldly-XR’s creative team can do with the magic of JigSpace at their fingertips.

Feeling inspired? Download the app or book a demo today to explore the possibilities of JigSpace for yourself.

Hennika Kestilä
Hennika Kestilä
Hennika Kestilä
Head of Marketing