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What's new at JigSpace

NEW: Bring CAD files to life, faster and easier than ever before.

This exciting update to JigSpace gives you some highly requested features and CAD functionality! We think it’s the perfect holiday gift before we head off on our end of year break. 

We've focused on improvements to the way JigSpace manages your CAD files, plus some exciting new effects you can apply to your Jigs. 


STEP files - 

A previously exclusive format for Jig Pro users, you can now upload your STEP files (up to 30MB) into JigSpace for free. 

Colors and labels - 

Long-time JigSpace users will be delighted to learn that CAD file material colors and object names are now carried over into your Jigs when you import them. This saves time formatting models and checking part names from source files.


Spin animations - 

Jig of quadcopter propeller

Tap on any object or sub-object and then the new ‘Spin’ button in the toolbar to set an object to spin. You can customize the speed, direction (clockwise/counter-clockwise), and axis on which to spin. This is a great way to bring to life mechanical designs and simulate your models in operation. 

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Flow animations - 

Our free model library now has a new ‘Effects’ category which enables you to add a variety of visual effects to your Jigs with a single tap. Visualise air or liquid flows, heat, light, and other material effects to turn a static 3D model into a dynamic simulation of your products in action. 

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In other news, did you hear that we were named “Best in technical skill” at the inaugural Snap AR Lens Fest awards? To be named among the best of the best creators in AR is humbling and exciting. Head here to learn more.

December 21, 2021
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Sam Granleese
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