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LiDAR and SolidWorks - more ways to bring content into your Jigs

LiDAR is a method for measuring distances by illuminating the environment with laser light and capturing the reflection with a sensor. This innovative technology helps understand our real 3D world in several ways, and is available on the new iPhone 12 range or iPad Pro 2020.

Our latest update of Jig Workshop (now part of JigSpace) takes advantage of this technology in three powerful ways.



Placing objects in augmented reality can be difficult, particularly on shiny surfaces, white-walls or carpets. This is because the regular camera on your device struggles to interpret the surroundings when you first scan. Sometimes objects also appears to "slip" or slide away from where you initially placed them.

Now when you present a Jig on a LiDAR enabled device, your Jigs will be placed instantly. You no longer need to scan the environment or find a "good" surface - it just works.

Real World Occlusion

LiDAR brings huge improvements to understanding objects, walls and people. This means Jigs integrate more realistically with the world, making the experience even more immersive. Put simply: If you place a Jig behind a wall, you won't be able to see it. Watch an example of this in the video below.

Importing LiDAR Scans

Two months ago at Apple's iPhone 12 launch event, we demonstrated the exciting possibilities of using LiDAR to capture a 3D scan of the world around you, and bring it into a Jig. We showed you how Medtronic, a Jig Workshop Pro customer, uses Jig Workshop when prototyping and collaborating to perfectly design their manufacturing facilities.

As of today, all Jig Workshop users have access to the power of LiDAR. With a compatible device, you can scan a space and add 3D walls to your presentation.

This feature adds important scale and perspective to workspace layouts, interior design or machine installations. It's also a really fun dimension to add in training or classroom projects.

With the power of the LiDAR scanner in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro, the difficult task of creating 3D content has been made simple. Until recently, sharing 3D knowledge required years of training and experience. Now, all you need is the phone in your hand.

If you have a compatible device, try it out and let us know what you think on the Jig Community! We would love to see what you create with the new LiDAR tool.


Import SolidWorks Files to Jig Workshop

But wait, there's more! From today, Jig Pro also supports the importing of SolidWorks projects and files into Jigs.

This has been a very popular request from our manufacturing customers, whose mechanical engineers or CAD draftspeople use SolidWorks to design their products.

We often heard from executives, sales or training managers, who were attempting to create Jigs of their products but could not get access to the corresponding OBJ or STEP files. Instead, they could only access a .SLDASM assembly or .SLDPRT file.

There was no way of uploading these files as they lacked a license to SolidWorks, or could not find a team member who did who was able to export into a format Jig Workshop would accept.

📝 Read our Import Guidelines for SolidWorks

This new upload procedure eliminates a bottleneck for non-technical users. Now, if you have access to the directories where these files are saved, you can upload them directly into your Jigs for immediate use. No need to hassle engineers to export OBJ or STEP files!

Try For Yourself

This feature is available to all current Jig Workshop Pro subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, you can start a 14 day free trial, and give it a go yourself!

October 7, 2021
December 15, 2020
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