Bring your CAD files to life

From prototype to final product, easily share your designs and visualise mockups in augmented reality without a single line of code.

With JigSpace you can create useful and cost-effective AR storyboards of 3D models. We call them Jigs!

“Using JigSpace as part of our lean manufacturing development efforts has enabled Medtronic to create and test solutions in a matter of hours versus weeks.”

No coding, no modelling, purpose-built to be easy.

JigSpace is built to be easy (and delightful) to use. Load CAD files into the JigSpace platform to create useful and interactive product presentations, in minutes.
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CAD file compatability

Import files created in SolidWorks®, Fusion 360™️, Inventor️, Creo, Blender, Shapr3d, and more.

Easily convert to video

Export your Jig to video and share with your team, or share an interactive version, complete with autoplay functionality.

Easy to create, edit, and maintain

Our code-free, drag-and-drop platform lets you build and maintain 3D assets in-house with ease.

Create, share, and collaborate in 3D.

Using JigSpace is like putting presentation slides into augmented reality. Even the most complex ideas can be shared visually, with full context, annotation, and detail for non-technical viewers.
Annotation, labels, and instructions

Highlight the focus of a build process or parts by adding object names and features directly onto the 3D model.

Step-by-step presentation

Visualise mockups in an easy to create, step-by-step augmented reality format.

Team library

A central, secure, and easy to search database to host and manage all of your team’s 3D assets.

Get everyone
on the same page.

All stakeholders in the feedback and product review loop can be part of the 3D process. Wherever they are, or what device they’re viewing the Jig with.

Access Jigs anywhere, anytime on any device. Show your product to an audience without the need for physical transportation or printouts.

Team sharing

Easily grant and restrict access to share and collaborate on your ideas as a team.

QR code sharing

Generate a QR code or shareable link to send via email, Slack, iMessage or social platforms to explore Jigs as a conference.

Trusted by the best

“Our Engineers love that it’s ‘Mobile all the way’. They are on the factory floor, away from desks. So creating and sharing these designs on iPad is critical.”
Stanley Black & Decker

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