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Is sharing knowledge and collaboration easier in 3D?

We certainly think so. Photographs, line drawings and schematics are certainly useful, but they only give a 2 dimensional understanding of how something really works.


3D models move and interact in a simulation of their real-world counterparts and give people a fuller understanding; providing visual context to how different parts of a model move and interact with one another.

Traditional 2D formats like product pamphlets and instruction manuals, even in a digital format, lack this interactivity and perspective into a component's real-world application. 3D models allow users to effortlessly pull components apart from each other to get a better understanding of how they work on an individual level.

Check out this Jig in action in the JigSpace App.

JigSpace creates memorable interactive experiences by bringing 3D models to life using the power of Augmented Reality.

By using Apple products like the iPad and iPhone, 3D models can be overlaid over real-world objects. This allows users to move around the model in 3D space, looking at it from different angles and exploring it and its features as though it is really there in front of the user.

Interacting with 3D models in these AR experiences provides a better foundation for knowledge retention than the rough conceptualisation an individual can gather from traditional 2D formats.


Often 3D models are only shared among specific design and engineering teams. This is partially due to the complexity of most 3D modelling software acting as a barrier of entry to non-technical users.

If a non-technical user were to try to view and explore a car model in a professional modelling program like Autodesk Maya (above) they might find the experience daunting and difficult to navigate.

JigSpace overcomes these obstacles through its simple to use platform, allowing companies to securely upload their 3D models and create interactive AR experiences.


Not everyone can understand or provide feedback on a product design document at a glance. This can lead to confusing rounds of feedback, long sign-off processes and a huge margin of error on changes.

To streamline this process users can share a “Jig” (3D interactive models) securely using a private Jig link or a simple QR code with anyone, anywhere in the world.

This will allow companies to unlock greater value in these 3D assets by sharing them in an easy to use format throughout the wider company.  


Sharing and collaboration are further enhanced with the ability to present Jigs, live, in Augmented Reality.

While exploring a Jig 3D model in a team meeting (whether in person or remotely) you can send a presentation link inviting other people to join the Jig presentation in Multiplayer Mode. This allows anyone with the link to drop into the presentation and join the discussion and exploration of 3D models as it happens in real-time.

Getting sign-off from multiple departments has always been a challenge, but in Jig's Multiplayer Mode, different branches of a company are able to join the same meeting.

We introduced the live chat as an essential feature to encourage this group collaboration.

Live chat allows key non-technical users from marketing to product maintenance to listen in on presentations regarding new products between the designers and engineers, and even ask designers in-depth questions about the 3D models directly.


3D interactivity will allow for clearer communication of 3D knowledge and promote a greater company-wide understanding of the products they work with.

At JigSpace we have combined technical information with 3D models through interactive labels. When users tap on an object while viewing the Jig in AR, a popup label will appear with the object's name, its product number and any other information the Jig creator deems relevant.

This will allow users to tap and explore the different components at their own pace. This information can then be used as a visual interactive parts guide. Users can refer to a Jig when discussing components or use it to find the correct name and product number for repairs or replacements of a real-world part.

In Multiplayer Mode JigSpace has implemented highlights: an ability to drop a glowing pointer into the scene to help indicate and emphasise the topic of discussion. This highlight pointer features a unique color for each participant in the meeting to improve clarity during a discussion. An individual can point out the component they want to discuss in their assigned color.

You can drop a glowing pointer into the scene to help indicate and emphasise the topic of discussion.

We love creating new Jigs that show off knowledge and concepts in augmented reality. Download the JigSpace App to explore the full library of Jigs for free, or grab a free trial of Jig Pro and create powerful 3D models from your desktop and more.

October 1, 2021
September 16, 2021
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