Transforming furniture designs with JigSpace’s AR model view

Bye-bye 2D line drawings

How Slate and JigSpace are disrupting the furniture design industry with AR model viewers and 3D product visualization software.

Using AR model viewer software to create striking custom furniture design presentations 

Slate designs and manufactures custom corporate furniture for clients who are passionate about their workspace. 

Trusted by notable brands such as Nike and RocNation to make their specific furniture requirements a reality, Slate prides itself on using innovative and emerging technology to enhance the design and collaboration experience.

Some people working in the Slate office while some are resting in the balcony.
Slate has offices in California and Washington State, serving both large-scale business and private clients.

The challenge 

The traditional furniture design process predates even the PDF – which is set to turn 30 in 2023 – with initial furniture design solutions typically being presented as a series of line drawings. 

While this form of design presentation has mostly moved beyond printed manuals and now takes place on a screen, it’s still mostly confined to a 2D, PDF format. Specs and dimensions can often become confusing as they compete with one other on the page. The addition of external links to alternative views, videos, and extended information further muddies the waters, making it difficult to decipher the true genius of Slate’s designs.

“The people who win projects are those who can beat the current format for presentations.”
Matt Kovaleski
President of Slate Custom Design

This 2D presentation method is firmly stuck in the past, and is neither immersive, nor particularly exciting for the client. The flat designs also leave a lot to the imagination which can lead to misunderstandings about the final product. This makes viewing, collaborating, and providing feedback on these designs time-consuming, and open to mistakes.

And that’s where JigSpace’s unique AR model viewer comes in.

Using JigSpace for presentation
JigSpace eliminates confusing 2D designs, replacing them with highly detailed 3D models, which can be viewed to-scale in Augmented Reality.

The solution

Transforming confusing 2D designs into realistic and highly detailed interactive 3D models, JigSpace is the product visualization software that makes Slate’s custom designs a reality; an Augmented Reality, that is! 

JigSpace enables Slate to visually tie floor plans, model clusters, and animations together into one interactive 3D presentation that surprises and delights. 

The results 

Bringing a high level of detail and scale to companies that are looking for unique, custom-made designs helps them truly appreciate the beauty of the pieces Slate creates. By leaving traditional 2D presentation formats in the past where they belong, 3D product visualization software not only helps capture the full product story, it also aids in minimizing confusion and costly misunderstandings. 

One such example of how this incredible AR model viewer works is Slate’s own Davita Slab Conference Table.This method is neither immersive or particularly exciting for the client, who has to fill the gaps with their imagination. Viewing, collaborating, and providing feedback on fine detail in a 2D, non-interactive format is both time consuming and rife with margin for error.

The finished Davita monument scale, maple slab table, located in Slate’s Washington office.

Constructed entirely from maple, the most striking feature of this table is the sheer size of it, which can accommodate up to 40 people. 

Through the magic of our mobile AR model viewer, JigSpace provides a sense of scale and a realistic footprint for the table, while also revealing key components, such as electrical fixtures and other critical placements. 

Using JigSpace, Slate is able to show a client’s furniture in an interactive 3D visualization that can be viewed from all angles. This enhances what the architecture, engineering, and construction industry has identified as a critical factor in a project’s success: trust. And that’s a game-changer.

“We can show how people actually interact with a piece of furniture. It goes beyond just looking nice, we can show how light and shade play, and how people and the furniture fit into a space in harmony.”
Karen Rencural
Design Director at Slate Custom Design

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Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
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