DTCo’s 3D mechanical simulations made easy with JigSpace

3D modeling and mechanical simulations, made easy

How 3D mechanical simulation software brought complex mechanical designs to life.

Highly detailed, interactive 3D models made and shared in a flash

The Design Technology Company (DTCo) is a professional services firm that provides mechanical designs to their engineering and manufacturing clients. These designs range from complex mechanisms, and machines with many moving parts, through to aerospace components, fixtures, and everything in between. 

DTCo helps their customers extract maximum value from their 3D and CAD data by optimizing designs for use across many business disciplines. They love helping people interact with their world using 3D interactive solutions, and are always on the hunt for technology that complements their design process.

The challenge

Conveying a large-scale idea in a 2D product manual often leads to misunderstandings and mistakes. Even conventional 3D instructions can be cumbersome, and can lack the detail and scale necessary to achieve adequate design consensus. These uncertainties can lead to problems getting clients to sign off on a project. 

Other solutions such as VR and video production can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and heavily reliant on expensive equipment. 

DTCo needed to find a 3D mechanical simulation software that was clear, concise, and could be built to-scale. This would allow them to accurately convey the product story at every stage of the project, in a way that all team members could understand.

“It’s really hard to convey a really big product in 1-to-1 scale in a single image or a document without losing complex design details and legibility.
Jonathan Bannister
Managing Director at DTCo

The solution

For many, Augmented Reality may feel like a distant or futuristic technology compared to the familiarity of technical drawings. JigSpace helped DTCo break through that feeling of discomfort, delivering a method of visualizing large catalogs of tools without having to share mammoth PDFs or manual printouts. 

JigSpace’s 3D mechanical simulation software allows DTCo to make and share interactive models in a flash.

“Using JigSpace, we can drop a large-scale Jig into a customer’s office space, carpark, or boardroom table so that everyone can see and collaborate on it without any fancy and expensive VR gear.”
Craig Hooper
People and Innovation Manager at DTCo

The results

With JigSpace, DTCo are able to render 3D interactive models of mechanical designs, optimizing assets and achieving better outcomes for their clients. Bringing complex ideas to life interactively means easier internal collaboration, and a quick and easy way of creating digital storyboards for developers. JigSpace makes every process down the line faster, trackable, and far more comprehensive than the printed manuals of the past.

“We love JigSpace because it allows us to utilize existing 3D data efficiently to tell a specific story at ALL project stages, adding value and providing an easily accessible tool for customers.”
Craig Hooper,
People and Innovation Manager at DTCo

Would you like to bring your complex designs to life by using highly detailed 3D models that are viewable in Augmented Reality? Book a demo with a JigSpace expert to find out more.

Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Sam Granleese
Head of Product