AR Product Presentations with Hino Trucks.

AR product presentations with Hino Trucks

With travel bans and supply-chain interruptions, how does a trucking company demonstrate vehicle and engine features to customers?

Use Case

AR product presentations with Hino Trucks

AR Product Presentations with Hino Trucks.

With travel bans and supply-chain interruptions, how does a trucking company demonstrate vehicle and engine features to customers?

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Use Case

It is easy to fall into the trap of under-selling when you manufacture products that are big, complex, and expensive.

Unlike food or clothing manufacturers, who can send out samples to customers or distributors at a very low cost, heavy industrial manufacturers traditionally had to bring customers to their sites or transport their products to trade shows at great expense.

With today's reality of travel bans and supply-chain interruptions, this physical barrier has never been more pronounced.

Hino Motors USA - a Toyota Group company - uses Jig Pro to demonstrate class-leading vehicle and engine features to customers, and to train its USA dealer network on the latest product updates.

Hino produces all Class 6-7 conventional Hino Trucks for the U.S. market at its Williamstown, West Virginia plant, with its largest model checking in at 33,000 GVW (15 metric tones).

When Hino Dealer Operations in Michigan needs to get its national sales network across new product features, they have an engaging sales training tool that can bring these large and complex vehicles into any meeting or showroom - all with the touch of an app.

JigSpace Jig Workshop Pro Hino Trucks A09 Cropped
Hino Trucks use augmented reality to demonstrate key engine components in situ.

Across more than 200 North American dealerships, Hino uses AR to demonstrate key vehicle features, like the A09 series diesel engines. Showcasing the workings of a combustion engine is traditionally difficult, both from its position (being assembled inside a truck) and its complicated engineering containing hundreds of individual components.

A Jig augmented reality presentation makes light work of the 884kg (1948 lb) A09 diesel engine by allowing marketing, dealer sales and customers to view and interact with the engine in their office, on-site with a client or at a trade-show within seconds via their iPad or iPhone.

JigSpace Jig Workshop Pro Hino Trucks XL Safety Features Full Size 800
Hino Trucks' marketing team incorporate AR presentations into their product and sales learning programs.

Hino Trucks’ marketing team have also found success with its franchised dealer network incorporating the AR presentations into their product and sales learning programs, thanks to the interactive and realistic spatial perspective they provide. Each dealer can learn in their own way, exploring visual, technical, and marketing information in a self-directed format.

The results were impressive and received a positive response from sales, training, executive management, our dealerships, and customers. We would highly recommend working with JigSpace.
Dominik Beckman
Director, Marketing & Dealer Operations

By using JigSpace, Hino Trucks USA are able to effectively have all their products at every dealership, trade show, and sales pitch.

This is a big win for both Hino and the industry at large, enabling major cost reductions and sales opportunities.

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