3D modelling and mechanical mockups made easy.

3D modelling and mechanical mockups with DTCo

How DTCo and JigSpace work.

Can you deploy interactive 3D models to non-technical customers in a way that is cost-effective, fast and conveys information accurately?

Use Case

3D modelling and mechanical mockups with DTCo

3D modelling and mechanical mockups made easy.

Can you deploy interactive 3D models to non-technical customers in a way that is cost-effective, fast and conveys information accurately?

How DTCo and JigSpace work.

A 3D model
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Use Case

The Design Technology Company or DTCo is a Design Service Company who work with Engineering and Manufacturing clients who require additional skills and capacity in their project teams. 

Always on the hunt for technology that will complement the design process and give customers real time, interactive and engaging experiences, DTCo wants their customers to get more value from their 3D data. They love helping people interact with their world using 3D interactive solutions which makes JigSpace the ultimate 3D partner.


Conveying large scale ideas in an A4 manual kills the design “wow” factor.

It’s really hard to convey a really big product in 1 to 1 scale in a single image or a document without losing complex design details and legibility.
Jonathan Bannister
Managing Director at DTCo

The incredible team of designers at DTCo create Mechanical Designs ranging from mechanisms, machines and complex stuff with moving parts to aerospace components, jigs & fixtures and everything in between. 

It’s incredibly difficult to show enough detail in 3D instructions without them becoming very cumbersome or difficult to scale and still show the detail required to sign-off on a project. 

Not to mention, deploying VR to customers can be time consuming due to lack of understanding or experience with the technology. Creating a video to share instead can cost a heap of money, take up precious resources and time.


Interactive 3D Models made and shared in a flash.

Using JigSpace, we can drop a large-scale Jig into a customer’s office space, carpark or boardroom table that everyone can see and collaborate on without any fancy and expensive VR gear.
Craig Hooper
People and Innovation Manager

For some clients, comprehension of Augmented Reality is still in its infancy. Exposure to mechanical mockups has been limited to manuals and mockups shared over a boardroom table or as expensive videos that take epic amounts of time to create. JigSpace, breaks the barrier to AR tech entry by allowing DTCo to show a large catalogue of tools without having to share a very large PDF or manual printout.

Using AR, DTCo can place the solution anywhere by creating great 3D models of the product and sharing it anywhere, with anyone. Bringing complex ideas to life interactively means easier internal collaboration and a really quick and easy way to create a digital storyboard to give to a developer. It makes every process down the line faster, trackable and far more comprehensive than printed manual reams of paper.

We love Jig because it allows us to utilise existing 3D data efficiently to tell a specific story at ALL project stages, adding value and providing an easily accessible tool to customers.
Craig Hooper,
People and Innovation Manager
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