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New: Sharing Jigs is now even easier

It is now easier to share Jigs in teams and via QR codes in app
It is now easier to share Jigs in teams and via QR codes in app

Sharing is caring, and one of the most requested features we receive is the ability to share Jig content with anyone! We’ve redesigned the way you share Jigs with your team and customers, for faster and easier sharing ability at scale. We think you’ll be delighted at this particular upgrade for sharing Jigs.

We’ve also included some super fun ways to view and interact with 3D models in Jig presentations...



Team access setting in App

The new team sharing functionality allows Jig Pro users to toggle Jig content on or off to be viewed by an entire team, or not. You can view your own Jigs, and also see the Jigs your team members have created. 

The ability to grant and restrict access at the tap of a button means easier collaboration and less fussing about sending everyone a link to your content. Login in to try it now or upgrade your apps to the latest version and view the short video below on how to use Team Jigs:


QR code sharing in JigSpace app

We released the ability to share Jigs from the Jig Pro dashboard recently, but the power of JigSpace lies in being able to share 3D information with anyone from anywhere! 

The world finally knows how to use QR codes, so being able to generate these quickly to add to your documents, product presentations, and collateral gives you a definite advantage. Head to the information panel in-app and you can automatically generate a QR code to share your Jig easily from your device. 

Watch this quick Tutorial on QR code sharing with JigSpace:



When you turn on “HD graphics” in the JigSpace app options, your Jig will now use the environment around you to create more realistic lighting and reflections. 

It might seem like something small, but detail is key, and now really reflective materials (like chrome or gold) look super slick in your Jigs. Head here to see the effect.

HD graphics, QR code and gold bricks

ICYMI, the recent JigSpace update 3.4, was jam-packed with features and functions that make viewing Jigs more delightful and engaging. Find out more here.

November 11, 2021
Sam Granleese
Head of Product and Growth
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