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Remote augmented reality presentations are now available

So you have almost perfected your 3D presentation (we call them 'Jigs') and you need your international team's feedback?

Perhaps you are onboarding a new work-from-home team member with your latest 3D product training?

Whatever the case, in a world constrained by COVID-19, we have had to get used to a lot more working from home, hours on Zoom or WebEx calls, and creative ways to work together.

Fast-tracking remote AR presentations

At JigSpace, our team has always been composed of around 50% remote-based, with a small group in the office in Melbourne, and the rest of our team remote from Sydney, Australia and Osaka, Japan. We went fully remote mid-March.

Based on conversations internally and with our customers, we decided to quickly re-prioritise building our Multiplayer Presentations feature - which enables users to host an Augmented Reality conference call. Think Zoom but for 3D learning, collaboration or presenting complex CAD-based content.

Remote Live Presentations include:

  • Host-controlled Jig 3D/AR presentation
  • Up to 20 participants, anywhere in the world
  • Live voice chat
  • AR or 3D-only viewing mode
  • Cool  laser pointers. colour-coded per participant.

No Zoom or WebEx required.

This has been a great tool for us internally, as we develop content for partners and needing to show status updates to them or ask technical questions about part numbers of materials used.

How to host and join a remote AR presentation in JigSpace

First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of JigSpace on your iPhone or iPad. Click here to check or update.

Ideally prepare your participants to ensure they have done this too in advance of you starting the presentation.

To host a remote presentation, you need to be in 'AR Presentation' mode of the Jig you wish to share. From this screen, then press the People+ icon in the top right corner.


You will be prompted to Choose a presentation mode. Select Remote.

Participants are limited to a maximum of 20 people.


JigSpace will then prompt you to share a link to invite your intended participants.

This can be done by copying the URL and sending in a separate app, or simply clicking your favourite messaging or email app from the iOS share screen.


Once this is done, the host enters their newly created live remote presentation. They will be prompted to join with or without the microphone being active.

At JigSpace, we're a 'Mute on entry' remote workplace.

Invited participants will see this same microphone prompt when they click on the link to join this live presentation.


Below is an example of a participant receiving a Jig invite by Apple iMessage.


As participants enter the presentation, the numbers will be updated on the top right corner.

Other useful features for the presentation include the non-AR viewing mode that the host or participants can choose based on their own preference. This is particularly useful where there is not a desirable environment to position and augment the 3D object against.


The host and all participants each get a unique coloured laser pointer (see mine in green below) to aid their voice-based conversations and contextualize their questions or talking points.

To use this, simply touch the part of the object or model you wish to highlight, and all other participants will see the same area on their model highlighted too.


Helping business and educators get back to work

Our mission of sharing humanity's knowledge in 3D has never been more critical for our core customers than during this time of social distancing and isolation.

We're harnessing the power of AR and bringing complex, spatial content into our customers home offices and enabling them to collaborate or learn remotely.

- Author's Note: This post originally referred to the Jig Workshop app, which has since been discontinued and merged into the JigSpace app, which contains all this functionality and more. Read more about this here.

October 1, 2021
April 22, 2020
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