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New: Better viewing and sharing experiences

3D Instructions for creating a Lego X-Wing

JigSpace release 3.4.0 is all about making more delightful, interactive viewing experiences. Some of your most requested updates are finally here that truly add to the magic of sharing knowledge in 3D.


Don’t rely on people to click the “next” arrow. This is one of our most requested features and gives you key presentation functionality. Now you have the option to turn on autoplay prior to sharing your Jig. Autoplay applies seamless transitions between frames. Set your ideal transition speed just like a traditional 2D presentation or set it to an infinite loop. It’s great for classrooms and customer experience centres.

Check out the autoplay function in action:  


Bigger is better! Does your Jig look a little diminutive at scale? Now you can scale up your Jig (or down) to fit the presentation space without losing detail or accuracy. This is a very quick and easy way to show how an extra 10% could look in a real-life space.

Let’s talk about the full-size elephant in the room. Check out scale in action here:


Sometimes a model just pops better on a different colored background. In 3D mode, you can now customise the background to better show off a Jig. Need to impress a client? Add their brand colors to the Jig and win their hearts with your attention to detail.

See custom backgrounds in action here:

Try out the new viewing features in the JigSpace app today.

Open Jig App

QR CODE SHARING (Jig Pro Users only)

Sharing your Jigs is now even easier than ever! Find automatically generated QR codes when you tap the QR code icon in the Jig Pro dashboard.

These QR codes are provided in high res, so you can pass them onto Sales, Marketing and Product folks for printing on packaging, brochures, instructions guides or whatever your heart desires!

Login to your dashboard and try it out:

Open Jig Dashboard

Haven’t upgraded to Jig Pro yet?

Jig Pro gives you access to:

  • Share Jig QR codes
  • Use JigSpace on your desktop computer
  • Upload files up to 300Mb in OBJ, STL, STEP, SLDASM and SLDPRT formats
  • Collaborate with more team members and so much more...

It’s easy to register for Jig Pro here.

October 1, 2021
September 8, 2021
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