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JigSpace WINS at Snap AR Lens Fest!

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Back in May, we were excited to be announced as one of the first partners with Snap using its new Scan technology. Since the debut of our kitchen how-to Lens, it has been viewed more than 139k times, demonstrating to users all over the world what the future of useful AR looks like.

At JigSpace, our goal is to let people share their knowledge in the best possible way with everyone, and everyone is on Snapchat!

With an audience of over 500 million monthly active users, hundreds of thousands of talented AR creators, and millions of lenses, Snap has one of the largest creative AR communities in the world. After sifting through thousands of Lenses created this year for the Lens Fest Awards, the judges have decided to select JigSpace as a winner!

This lens incorporates scan technology, 3D animation, UX, and so much more, all the one 4Mb lens experience. And for a first lens experience, I'm extremely impressed how quickly the team understood Lens Studios capabilities. Kudos to you and your team.
Kaitlyn Benitez-Strine
Lens Studio Community Specialist, Snapchat

To win Best in Technical Skill at the inaugural Lens Fest Awards and be named among the best of the best creators in AR is humbling and exciting. We are so thrilled to share true utility in augmented reality, adding the simple, useful, and delightful power of Jig to Snapchat.

This is further validation that JigSpace is synonymous with how we share knowledge in 3D, and is an important step forward to building a world where billions of people can apply augmented reality to enhance their day-to-day lives.

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January 5, 2022
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