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JigSpace LiDAR and 5G innovations featured at Apple iPhone 12 Launch

Today, Jig Pro was featured in the Apple keynote event. →

We demonstrated a new method of real-time 3D collaboration in manufacturing using the new LiDAR scanner and 5G capabilities of the iPhone 12.

Watch a clip from the demo here:

This is a transformational moment for AR. Not only do we show how manufacturing workspaces will evolve over the coming decades, we’re delivering those tools now. With the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone and iPad Pro, we can combine real-world environments with the complex 3D presentations our customers create and share every day in Jig Pro.

The data-transfer speeds provided by 5G enable rich, real-time collaboration between remote users, sharing the process of creating a Jig based in the real world. It also means all of a product’s associated Jigs — like assembly, repair, and maintenance instructions — can be streamed in right when you need them.

Jig Pro is already helping manufacturers get back to business. We’re enabling virtual trade-show demos, remote post-sales support, and staff training on complex manufactured products without leaving home.

Our vision is that no new product should be launched without a Jig.

This will ensure every team, customer, and stakeholder has the most effective means to understand what your product is and how it works.

Based on our early customer success and today’s announcement by Apple, that vision is one step closer.

October 8, 2021
October 14, 2020
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