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Announcing our AUD$6 million Series A funding

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At the heart of Jig there is a simple truth - we learn better in 3D, because that's how we experience the world. Our focus is on enabling people to share their knowledge in 3D, with simple, useful, and delightful tools.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that JigSpace has raised AUD$6 million (USD$4.7 million) in a series A funding round. With over 4 million users and a 4.8 star rating worldwide, JigSpace gives individuals, professionals, and teams the tools to create interactive, 3D presentations in minutes.

A huge thank you to Rampersand who led the round, working closely with Investible, and to our existing investors who have thrown their support behind Jig once again. We also welcome several new investors to the team, including Vulpes and Roger Allen AM.

There's a certain childlike wonder that all our investors share, an excitement about what the world CAN be. It's been great getting to know you all more throughout the raise process, and we look forward to calling on your knowledge and experience.

Sharing 3D knowledge for a 3D world

We’re honoured and excited that all our awesome customers like Medtronic, Volkswagen, and Hino Trucks USA have joined us on this journey.

Businesses, educators, and creators like them, are increasingly looking for new ways to demonstrate and develop 3D products from wherever they are in the world; particularly in a post-COVID future. They are demanding tools to create and deliver more immersive and self-driven digital experiences for their customers and colleagues.

But they also need these tools to be accessible. They can't be built with just the technical professionals in mind, they need to be available to the knowledge worker, the expert in the product, process, or object at the heart of their presentation. That's why we focus on making simple, useful, delightful tools.

This investment is another milestone on the road to achieving our vision of Jigs everywhere, accessible to everyone. The opportunity for 3D knowledge is big - in the future you’ll be able to look at anything and ask, "How does that work? How do I fix that? What's that made of?" - and the answer is immediately available in 3D, right there in front of you. We’re making that a reality.

We are backed by some great investors

JigSpace is changing the way people share ideas and knowledge 10x better than anything we’ve seen. We rarely see a company with JigSpace’s technical capability, growth trajectory and opportunity ahead of it, and we are energised by a future where augmented reality improves people’s lives.
Paul Naphtali
Co-founder and Managing Partner at Rampersand
We continue to back Zac, Numa and the JigSpace team who have created a world-leading spatial technology platform to-date with over 4 million app downloads globally. We are excited to capitalise the business for the next chapter of growth which focuses on empowering enterprises to utilise spatial computing.
Daniel Veytsblit
Investment Director, Investible
We've been enthusiastic supporters of the JigSpace team from the very beginning as pioneers in spatial computing. As the go-to partner for some of the biggest names in technology, we're excited to see these ambitious founders change the way we understand the world through AR. This is one of the most important companies on the planet.
Adam Draper
Founder and Managing Director at Boost VC
JigSpace is truly democratising augmented reality with its easy to use and platform agnostic technology. Not only does the team have the aspiration to change how we interact with the world, they also have the technical capability - I’m looking forward to being part of their journey.
Roger Allen AM
Chairman of Patagorang Investment Group
We’re excited by the opportunity to invest in JigSpace’s transformational technology, which is at the forefront of bringing together the real and digital worlds. We’re inspired by their vision and thrilled to work alongside the JigSpace team as they continue on their impressive growth trajectory.
Field Pickering
Head of Venture & Impact Investment at Vulpes Investment Management

Join us on our mission  

I am regularly amazed at what we have accomplished with such a small team over the last few years. I’d like to thank my co-founder Numa for his relentless drive and enthusiasm to make Jig the absolute best product it can be. Of course, none of this would be possible without the dedication and pride of our early employees Laura, Mila, Pete, Davy, Jules, Matt, Jesse, Kieran, Yan, Sam, Maddie, and Oaklee. Finally, to Kylie and Katie, thank you for supporting and tolerating our impossible lives.

While this is a big milestone, the Jig journey has just begun. If you are interested in joining JigSpace and creating the standard for how we share knowledge in 3D, we are hiring in a variety of roles.

Check out our available roles we are currently hiring here.

Want JigSpace for your company?

If you are looking to improve the way your business demonstrates and develops 3D products, we’d love to hear from you.

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October 7, 2021
June 30, 2021
Zac Duff
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